Production Unit 01

Production Unit 02

With a structure of over 4.500 square meters, this unit is the headquarters for Andacco designs. Specialized in the production of women's footwear, Fabrica de Calçados Cacique operates with a capacity of 3.000 pairs a day.

Since 1993, the second Andacco production plant is specialized in the production of men's shoes and safety footwear. This facility has a capacity of 3,000 pairs a day with the latest technology in 5,000 square meters.




Global Culture

With a global culture, Andacco has gone overseas since 1985 and its products are now distributed in more than 25 countries, in every continent. For us, it is really a pleasure to make our Casual Premium concept available for people around the globe who share our ideas. We are also very proud to be one of the most important footwear companies in South America, with the highest rating in the Brazilian Footwear Industry Association – ABICALÇADOS.

Wellcome to the Casual Premium universe


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